Care pathway of the first COVID-19 patient, treated with FreeO2

1 month ago we announced the first COVID-19 patient treated with FreeO2.

Today we are delighted to announce that this patient has returned home safe and sound, after a very long care pathway(32 days) from the Emergency Department to the Infectious Disease Department via the Step Down Unit and the Intensive Care Unit. Congratulations to him for having resisted the disease and to all the caregivers for having gotten him out of it.

Below is the whole of this journey with the different respiratory support techniques that have been administered to him. At a time when the whole world is mainly focusing on mechanical ventilators which are obviously crucial, it is important to remember that Oxygen Therapy is the first line treatment for most respiratory insufficiencies. Today there is an arsenal of different & complementary techniques that are important to use and optimize as best as possible in an attempt to avoid controlled and invasive mechanical ventilation which must remain the last resort …


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