First COVID_19 patient treated with FreeO2

OxygenTherapy is the first line respiratory in all patients hospitalized for COVID-19 during initial management, and there is a high risk of transmission to healthcare corkers.

To limit human-to-human transmission, any measure that can reduce the number of interventions during the management of patients should be implemented. Automated OxygenTherapy may help healthcare workers in delivering the most effective oxygen therapy possible while significantly reducing the number of intervention and thus risks of being contaminated.

The graphs below show a 1 hour sample of the treatment (SpO2 vs O2 flow rate) delivered by FreeO2 to this fisrt patient. As we can see, the number of adjustments required to adapt the treatment to the patient’s needs in order to maintain him within the right SpO2 range is huge and this would not have been achieved with conventional oxygen therapy.

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