Managing Oxygen Theraphy at the Emergency departement


Very interesting study showing how challenging it is, even with protocols, to manage Oxygen Therapy at the Emergency department especially on COPD patients who are : « … more at risk for not being titrated to normal oxygen levels »

Dobbe et al. BMC Emergency Medicine 2018

Anna S. M. Dobbe2, Renate Stolmeijer3, Jan C. ter Maaten4 and Jack J. M. Ligtenberg1,4*,Titration of oxygen therapy in critically ill emergency department patients: a feasibility study BMC Emergency Medicine (2018) 18:17


60% of them were in hyperoxia on arrival at the ED and this increased after 24H.

Room for improvement there with FreeO2 (Automated Oxygen Therapy), the clinicians ally to comply with guidelines and ensure patients safety

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